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biOrb 45625
BiOrb Classic 15 Liter LED White Aquarium
Betta Bowl
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Detailed Description


About the Product-Dimensions:13x13x13 inches


Although the eye-catching 4-gallon biOrb resembles a sophisticated fishbowl, it offers quite a bit more than a traditional bowl.  The biOrb is a self-filtering aquarium with a highly effective built-in filtration system that keeps the tank clean without a lot of effort on behalf of the owner.  The biological/chemical/mechanical filter cartridge lasts for six to eight weeks, which makes keeping the biOrb clean a cinch.


The incredible filtration system in the 4-gallon biOrb uses a systemized, five-stage filtering method that combines biological, mechanical and chemical filtration.  This high tech filtration system keeps your biOrb healthy and crystal clear for months between easy filter changes.  Another great part of the biOrb filter is that it is barely visible in the bottom of the globe and when the tank is filled with water, nothing gets in the way of viewing your fish.


Further, the biOrb provides an ideal 360 degree viewing angle so you can fully appreciate the relaxing pleasure of observing your fish.  The  biOrb's durable, Plexiglass construction provides offers crystal clear visibility.  The biOrb even has a built-in halogen light for well-lit water when you want it.  The

dimensions of the beautiful biOrb are 12x5x12 inches, which is compact enough to fit almost anywhere yet large enough to enjoy.


This attractive biOrb has silver trim to match any décor and will fit perfectly in your home or office.