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Aquarium Test Kits

Why Do I need test Kits?

Ammonia -  Testing of ammonia levels will indicate if the biological filter activity is working efficiently or if the ammonia is reaching dangerous levels. Ammonia levels should be tested on a weekly basis as it is the most toxic and potentially lethal nitrogen compound for fish. Your ammonia level is maintained by your ceramic media at the bottom of the BiOrb.

Nitrite - Should be tested as it is a toxic and potentially lethal nitrogen compound for fish.

Nitrate - Nitrate should be tested on a regular basis as a measure of pollution in the aquarium and to determine if a water change is necessary. Nitrate accumulates in aquariums over a period of time and is difficult to remove by conventional filtration means.

Carbonate & Hardness Test - Low Carbonate Hardness will result in poor plant growth. Testing for General Hardness (GH) should be done to determine if the levels of Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) are optimal for specific species of fish.

Phosphate - Phosphate levels should be monitored weekly. High levels of phosphate, often the result of overfeeding or infrequent water changes, can contribute to unsightly algae growth. Therefore, the phosphate levels should generally never exceed 1 mg/L.

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Nutrafin Calcium Test Kit
Nutrafin Calcium Test Kit
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Nutrafin Calcium Test Kit
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